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All cakes and frostings are made from scratch with fresh ingredients and pure flavorings for your unique order.

Custom Cake Pricing


Custom buttercream cakes start at $2.00/serving and are all individually quoted. This is a base price, and final price depends upon flavors, fillings, and the extent of the design.


Serving sizes are approximately 1.5"x2"x4" and are commonly referred to as party sized servings.

Click here for a serving size guide.

Wedding & Tiered Cake Pricing

Buttercream wedding cakes and tiered cakes start at $3.00/serving. This is a base price, and final price depends upon flavors, fillings, and the extent of the design. 

Serving sizes are approximately 1"x2"x4" and are commonly referred to as wedding sized servings. Click here for a serving size guide. 


Basic Cake Flavors


Vanilla: real butter and pure vanilla extract give this cake a deep, rich flavor; not white, not yellow - somewhere in between

Chocolate: a moist, fluffy cake with a rich chocolate flavor; chocolate lovers should pair it with chocolate ganache filling

Almond: real butter and pure almond extract give this cake a deep flavor; tastes great with fruit fillings

Lemon: full of bright lemony flavor, this cake pairs well with lemon, buttercream, or cream cheese icing

Orange: orange flavored and colored, this cake goes especially well with orange icing for a wonderful orange dreamsicle flavor

Premium Cake Flavors


Swirl: pretty swirls of our buttery vanilla cake and moist chocolate cake

Vanilla confetti: our buttery vanilla cake with fun sprinkles baked in

Red velvet: a southern tradition, deep red cake with a hint of pure vanilla and Dutch cocoa

Traditional pound: delightful dense texture with a pure vanilla and twist of lemon flavor

Five flavor pound: a southern classic buttery pound cake with a mixture of five secret flavors

Chocolate pound: the best of both worlds - the texture of pound cake and the flavor of cocoa

Strawberry: made with fresh, local strawberries picked at the peak of the season and preserved for cakes throughout the year

Carrot: starts with a pound of freshly grated carrots and our secret spice blend gives this cake it's flavor (no added nuts)

Italian Cream: this moist vanilla buttermilk cake is loaded with chopped pecans and sweetened coconut

Butter Pecan: delicious vanilla cake with generous amounts of buttered, toasted pecans; a must with our butter pecan frosting

German chocolate: German sweet chocolate, buttermilk, and whipped egg whites give this cake the best flavor and fluffy texture

Key Lime: this white cake is loaded with key lime juice and lime zest for a tangy taste, pairs best with Key Lime frosting

Banana: ripe bananas and secret spices result in a wonderfully moist, fruity cake - try it with peanut butter frosting
Pumpkin (seasonal): Real pumpkin and warm spices are mixed into this rich cake that is perfect for fall and winter

Basic Frosting Flavors


Vanilla buttercream: real butter, pure vanilla, and plenty of powdered sugar give this traditional buttercream a smooth, sweet taste; goes well with all cake flavors

Chocolate buttercream: traditional buttercream with added cocoa, rich and delicious

Cream cheese: rich cream cheese, real butter, and pure vanilla give this sweet icing it's flavor

Lemon: traditional buttercream flavored with lemon, light yellow in color; goes well with lemon or vanilla cake

Mint: traditional buttercream flavored with a taste of mint; try it with chocolate cake

Premium Frosting Flavors

Swiss meringue buttercream: fluffy, cooked meringue whipped with real butter and plenty of vanilla; much less sweet than traditional frostings, silky smooth texture and goes well with every cake flavor

Cookies and Cream: real Oreo cookies crushed into traditional buttercream

Strawberry: our flavorful strawberry filling is mixed into cream cheese icing; light pink in color (may contain seeds)

Caramel buttercream: traditional buttercream flavored with pure caramel; taupe in color, amazing in taste

Peanut butter: real peanut butter and cream cheese frosting result in a decadent icing perfect for chocolate or banana cake

Butter pecan: light cream cheese frosting with buttered, toasted pecan pieces

Key Lime: cream cheese frosting mixed with real Key Lime juice and lime zest for a tangy, creamy taste

Orange: cream cheese frosting flavored with a hint of orange oil; best with orange cake for an orange dreamsicle taste


Choose a filling to add an extra pop of flavor, or we'll use your cake frosting as filling


Caramel: delicious and thick, buttery with a touch of vanilla

Chocolate Ganache: rich and decadent chocolate for the true chocolate lover

Raspberry: full of raspberry flavor and a jam-like texture

Strawberry: full of strawberry flavor and a jam-like texture

Lemon Curd: balance of sweetness and tartness with a smooth, creamy texture

Vanilla Bavarian Cream: silky vanilla pudding-like filling