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All cupcakes are made from fresh ingredients and pure flavorings for your unique order and are standard sized. Sprinkles are included in pricing. Custom toppers are available for additional cost such as buttercream flowers, premium custom sprinkles, fondant cutouts, edible images, and licensed party favor rings.

Basic Flavors: $20/dozen

One dozen minimum per flavor combination

Choose a basic cake and frosting flavor


Cake Flavors

Vanilla: real butter and pure vanilla extract give this cake a deep, rich flavor; not white, not yellow - somewhere in between

Chocolate: a moist, fluffy cake with a rich chocolate flavor; chocolate lovers should pair it with chocolate ganache filling

Almond: real butter and pure almond extract give this cake a deep flavor; tastes great with fruit fillings

Lemon: full of bright lemony flavor, this cake pairs well with lemon, buttercream, or cream cheese icing

Orange: orange flavored and colored, this cake goes especially well with orange icing for a wonderful orange dreamsicle flavor


Frosting Flavors

Vanilla Buttercream: real butter, pure vanilla, and plenty of powdered sugar give this traditional buttercream a smooth, sweet taste; goes well with all cake flavors

Chocolate buttercream: traditional buttercream with added cocoa, rich and delicious

Cream cheese: rich cream cheese, real butter, and pure vanilla give this sweet icing it's flavor

Lemon: traditional buttercream flavored with lemon, light yellow in color; goes well with lemon and vanilla cake

Mint: traditional buttercream flavored with a punch of mint; try it with chocolate cake

Premium Flavors: $24/dozen

One dozen minimum per flavor combination


Swirl: Chocolate and vanilla cake swirled and topped with vanilla buttercream (2 dozen minimum)

Vanilla Confetti: our buttery vanilla cake with fun sprinkles baked in, topped with vanilla buttercream and more sprinkles

Red Velvet: southern red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting

Cookies and Cream: chocolate cake with cookies and cream frosting, topped with a chocolate sandwich cookie

Orange Dreamsicle: orange cake and orange frosting, topped with a chewy orange candy

Salted Caramel: vanilla cake with caramel buttercream, caramel drizzle, and sea salt

Butter Pecan: butter pecan cake with cream cheese frosting topped with buttered, toasted pecan pieces

Chocolate Peanut Butter: chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting, topped with a chocolate peanut butter cup

PB&J: vanilla cake with raspberry filling and peanut butter frosting

Key Lime: perfectly tart Key lime cake with key lime frosting

Strawberry: strawberry cake with strawberry frosting

Carrot: spiced carrot cake (no nuts added) with cream cheese frosting

Chocolate raspberry: chocolate cake, raspberry filling and chocolate buttercream

All Over Chocolate: chocolate cake, chocolate buttercream, dipped in chocolate ganache

Mocha: chocolate cake, coffee buttercream frosting, drizzled with chocolate ganache